Tubo transparente me tel PVC

Tubo transparente PVC elastike dhe jo toksike , lejon nje pamje te qarte te produkteve gjate rrjedhjes , identifikim i lehte ne rast bllokimi. Rezistente ndaj presionit te vakumit dhe abrazionit. Fleksibile dhe rezistente ndaj luhatjeve te temperatures. 

Fusha e aplikimit : E pershtatshme per transportimin e ujit, lendeve kimikate, etj.

Avantazhet : 

Jotoksike – e pershtatshme per produktet e ushqimit

Rezistente ne full VACUUM

Anti-statike dhe fleksibile

TEMPERATURA E PUNES : -15′ grade celcius deri +65′ grade celcius

PVC steel wire reinforcement hose is an extremely tough and flexible non toxic transparent PVC hose, allowing easy identification of blockages. UV compounded to maintain clarity. Excellent resistance to pressure, vacuum, abrasion and accidental crushing with accurate pitch and placement of high tensile carbon steel helix preventing bulging and bursting. Highly flexible over a wide temperature range. Smooth bore reduces flow loss.

Application :Suitable for the suction and delivery of water, slurries, granules, foodstuffs and dilute chemicals. Is ideally suited to applications in the agricultural, food processing, plastics handling , marine & construction industries.

  • Special Features

    • Low toxicity – suitable for food use
    • Resistant to full vacuum
    • UV compounded to maintain clarity
    • Can be ‘knocked back’ if flattened
    • Optimum flow is maintained by the smooth bore
    • Anti-static feature
    • Tough, flexible and extremely durable undernormal operating conditions
  • Size Range

    1/2” to 6”

  • Temperature Range

    -15°C to +65°C